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Shailesh Rajpal

This is Shailesh Rajpal, CEO and Founder of RAJPAL GROUP OF COMPANIES. With an ideology of being the greatest entrepreneur ever, I wanted my skills to be useful for our nation with quality services under one roof with prominent efficiency. After completing my MBA from a Premier Institute and a certificate course in Management from University of Australia, I started my own company after having vast experience in Human Resource Management area. Rajpal Group of companies has become a dynamic business reality in India and across the world.

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July 03, 2020 Admin 3

I always wanted to serve the Society with Best Resources – Shailesh Rajpal

I (Shailesh Rajpal) always got interested when the people discussed the stories of millionaire businessmen....

July 03, 2020 Admin 3

Following SUMO-COLE Law will ensure Productive employee results

What are the qualities of a Good Director? How to increase the productivity of the employees without increasing....

July 03, 2020 Admin 3

Elon Musk is an Ultimate Source of Inspiration for me – Shailesh Rajpal

Elon Musk is the current CEO and head engineer of Tesla which is an aerospace manufacturing and space transportation.....

July 03, 2020 Admin 3

The Real Pictures of the Economies across the Globe in relation with current situation

The current scenario across the world has brought distress as well as discontentment, but it has also shown the real pictures....

July 03, 2020 Admin 3

New Dawn for Companies, Quality Human Resources ensures Productivity – Shailesh Rajpal

In the modern era of the contemporary challenging professional world, which possess the situation....

July 03, 2020 Admin 3

Personal Development of the Employees will lead to the Ultimate Development of the Firm

We always say that we all together should think about the ultimate development of the firm or the company we own....