What are the 3 Main Qualities that every Manager should have? – Shailesh Rajpal

What are the 3 Main Qualities that every Manager should have?

A Manager is a person who is referred to as the supervisor of the quality human resources in a formal organization, having more knowledge, experience, motivation, and professionalism than his team members. According to my, there are 3 Main Qualities that every manager is expected to have, I, Shailesh Rajpal, personally try to polish these 3 skills of mine in order to achieve better results. The three skills namely are Leadership, Team Work, and Management. These three skills are the virtue of a good manager. They are briefly explained below: –


A leader is an entity fulfilled by educated, qualified, and quality human resources, who are capable of leading the team while encountering any type of situation, in a familiar as well as an unfamiliar environment.



The team can be defined by its full form i.e. Together Everyone Achieves More. A manager is bound to make his teamwork in coordination and with a good working spirited motivation. When a team works together to achieve the targets, it’s always achieved with the level of increased productivity.



The most important of all is that a good manager should know how to effectively as well as efficiently manage things, with the productivity graph holding a positive slope, rather than diminishing it. An efficient manager is the one that will always render excellent outcomes with the least amount of resources.

Thus, I keep working on these skills as I want people to recognize me as Mr. Shailesh Rajpal, a good manager, and not an autocratic boss.

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