We all should never stop Learning, even after Achieving Success – Shailesh Rajpal


As the saying goes that, “There is no specific age to gain knowledge or learnings.” This is true as it will allow being up-to-date with the knowledge and the current trends and happenings around in the familiar as well as the unfamiliar environment in the world. We all should keep learning and gaining Knowledge even when we achieve something big or is on its path. Knowledge never goes to waste, and directly or indirectly applicable in our lives or we will not sit bogus in any of the healthy discussions.

I am a double bachelor's in the form of BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) and BIT (Bachelors of Information Technology), an MBA, but still think I am not the one with every knowledge. I want people to view me as Shailesh Rajpal – the learner not what I am today i.e. Mr. Shailesh Rajpal, Founder, and Director of Rajpal Group of Companies. People who never stop learning are known and turn out to be the powerhouse of the knowledge for the nation. They are an inspiration for the people who sit idle after their job in their free time and doing nothing productive. There is one more saying that “People who can read have no benefit over the people who can’t read if they don’t want to read.” The same is the scenario with the knowledge.


So, we all should keep in mind, whatever we do in life whether it benefits you or not but for your sole benefit you should never stop learning.