I always wanted to serve the Society with Best Resources – Shailesh Rajpal


I (Shailesh Rajpal) always got interested when the people discussed the stories of millionaire businessmen namely Ratan Tata, Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, Gautam Adani, and many more, that they are known for their quality of services provided to the society in the various sectors of the business industry. As I entered college, then I decided that I will become an entrepreneur who will one day be known for his quality of services to the society across PAN India. At the early age of 22 I set off for my journey in establishing a known presence in society, first of all, I thought that would be easy but after facing the real marketplace and complications its presents before us.

I (Shailesh Rajpal) did my best to make the company explore elite heights, I no matter what wanted to serve society with the best possible resources and services, I also wanted that my skills should be useful for the societal causes in whatever way possible. We are at present are the most capable group of companies who serve the society with the best possible services in the business sectors of Recruitment, IT Solutions, Resume Building, Temporary Staffing, Payroll Management, Facility Management, and Petroleum Products.